Cygnus Medical Endoscopic Accessories

Endoscopic Accessories from Cygnus Medical

Button Brush – A tapered brush that can be used to clean flexible endoscope suction and biopsy ports. Single-Use.


Endoscope Tip Guard – Protects the endoscope tip from damage and costly repairs. Single-Use.


Foot Pedal Cover – Made of clear poly lining with an elastic sleeve. Protects the foot pedal from cross-contamination and damage caused by fluids. Single-Use.


Non-Absorbent Scope Bumper – Protects endoscopes in storage.

Soiled Scope Bag – Clearly identifies soiled scopes. Prevents a soiled scope from being handled as a clean scope. Protects hospital staff and patients from cross-contamination. Single-Use.


TravelKit – A 200 ml First Step Kit and Soiled Scope Bag in one convenient kit. Everything needed for endoscope bedside cleaning and endoscope transport. Single-Use.


BB10 Button Brush – Short 4” stem 100
1500TG Endoscope Tip Guard 1 1/4" x 5" 100
FP1412 Foot Pedal Cover 14” x 12” 50
NA2500 Non-Absorbent Scope Bumper 1 5/8" x 3" 200
SB24 Soiled Scope Bag 24” x 24” 100
TK200 TravelKit EP-4 Kit (200 ml, Krinkle Pad) and 24” x 24” Soiled Scope Bag 50
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