BeeSafe Padding

Honeycomb Instrument and
Sterile Wrap Protection

BeeSafe products are specifically designed to protect delicate instruments and sterile wrapping during the sterilization process. A hole is created in the center of each honeycomb cell which provides full circulation of the sterilant. Compatible for use in low-temperature plasma sterilizers.

Place BeeSafe Padding between the wrapping and the tray to protect sterile wrapping from the tray's sharp edges. Use BeeSafe Honeycomb Tray Belts to protect the exterior of sterile wrapping during low-temperature plasma sterilization. Use BeeSafe Instrument Protection to pad and protect delicate instruments. View instruments and indicators through BeeSafe's unique transparent cells.
HCR924 BeeSafe Perforated Roll (8” perf) 9” x 24’ 4 Rolls
HCR1224 BeeSafe Perforated Roll (8” perf) 12” x 24’ 4 Rolls
HCR1524 BeeSafe Perforated Roll (8” perf) 15” x 24’ 4 Rolls
HCS1212 BeeSafe Pre-Cut Sheet 12” x 12” 100 Sheets
HCS1216 BeeSafe Pre-Cut Sheet 12” x 16” 100 Sheets
HCS1224 BeeSafe Pre-Cut Sheet 12” x 24” 50 Sheets
HCB0392 BeeSafe Honeycomb Tray Belts 3" x 92' 4 Rolls and
1 Roll of Indicator Tape