Clear Path Microfiber Wipers from Cygnus Medical

Microfiber Mops

Clear Path Microfiber Operating Room High-Absorbency Mops

The first mopping system specifically engineered for use in the Operating Room environment. Unlike most microfiber mops, Clear Path Operating Room Mops contain a highly absorbent center core. This improved absorbency provides faster OR turnover times with fewer trips to the bucket. The split microfiber construction offers unparalleled cleaning abilities.

Mop Bucket Heat-Sealed Edges Split Microfiber Technology

FS894 Microfiber Operating Room High-Absorbency Mop Head 16” x 5” x .5” 100 Mop Heads
FS017 Single Bucket Dolly with Wringer 7 Gallon Bucket 1
FS027 Double Bucket Dolly with Wringer 2 – 7 Gallon Buckets 1
FS414D Mop Handle, 14” Locking Frame,
5.4’ Aluminum Extension Handle with Lever Lock
14” Locking Frame,
5.4’ Extension
FS414C Mop Handle, 14.25” Locking Frame,
5.25’ Aluminum Extension Handle with Pin Lock
14.25” Locking Frame,
5.25’ Extension
FS423 5’ Aluminum Extension Handle 5' Extension 1