Clear Path Microfiber Wipers from Cygnus Medical

Microfiber Wipers

Clear Path Single-Use Disposable Microfiber Wipers

In many cases, single-use disposable wipers are superior to laundered wipers. Polyester and cotton wipers designed to be laundered, have a limited ability to remove soil and are heavily dependent on disinfectant contact time to eliminate harmful pathogens. When contact time is compromised or inadequate, disinfection may not occur and the contamination is transferred from one surface area to another. Spores often remain in laundered microfiber wipers potentially cross-contaminating washing machines and other laundered items.

W5412 – 30 Disposable Microfiber Wipers, 30 Wipers per
Waterproof Dispenser Pack – 20 Packs per Case.
11" x 11" 100 Wipers
W5412 – 150 Disposable Microfiber Wipers
150 Wipers per Pack – 8 Packs per Case.
10" x 12" 1200 Wipers

Clear Path Lint-Free and Sterile Microfiber Wipers

Clear Path Lint-Free and Sterile Microfiber Wipers use split microfiber technology to capture spores and other viable pathogens at a microscopic level. They are made of woven microfiber fabric and have heat-sealed edges for lint-free cleaning.

  • Packaged Sterile
  • Heat-Sealed Edges
  • X-Ray Detectable
FS4193 Lint-Free Microfiber Wipers
25 Wipers per Package – 4 Packages per Case
11" x 11" 100 Wipers
FS4200 Sterile Lint-Free Microfiber Wipers
10 Wipers per Package – 10 Packages per Case
9" x 9" 100 Wipers
FS9090 Sterile Lint-Free Microfiber OR Wipers – X-Ray Detectable
1 Wiper per Peelable Pack – 100 Packs per Case
9" x 9" 100 Wipers
X-Ray Detectable (FS9090) Heat-Sealed Edges Split Microfiber Technology