Steri-Cel Pocket Liners from Cygnus Medical

Dual-Textured Cleaning Pads Infused with Simple2 Enzymatic Detergent

Dual-Textured Enzymatic Cleaning Pads are packaged dry and can be easily stored near the sink area. The dual-textured foam provides a rough side and a smooth side to accomodate all instruments. Simply wet the Dual-Textured Enzymatic Cleaning Pad with tap water to activate the Simple2™ Enzymatic Detergent.


Simple2 Multi-Tiered Enzymatic Detergent effectively dissolves blood, fat, tissue, protein and most other forms of organic material and is non-toxic, latex-free, neutral pH and safe for all surgical instruments.


3550DT Dual-Textured Enzymatic Cleaning Pad, Infused with
Simple2 Enzymatic Detergent.
3 1/2” x 5” 100
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