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Water-Based Surgical Instrument Wipers provide convenient pre-treatment cleaning for surgical instruments.

Canteen Surgical Instrument Wipes are pre-saturated with 94% deionized water and 6% IPA (used as a stabilizer only). They remove gross contamination on surgical instruments during non-sterile, post-procedure, point-of-use cleaning.


Canteen Point-of-Use Pre-Saturated Wipes in an easy-to-carry sealed-pack provide water for point-of-use cleaning when an appropriate sink is not available.

Cleaning Dilemma – Your surgical instruments need to be rinsed but a utility sink is not available. Canteen Instrument Wipers solve this problem by providing a convenient way to pre-treat instruments at point-of-use.

Clean Wipers can also be draped over surgical instruments during transport to maintain moisture.

Canteen Features

  • Pre-Saturated wipers on demand.
  • Pack of 5 wipers in a sealed pack.
  • Use for instrument point-of-use cleaning & pre-treatment.
  • Solves the "no sink to rinse instruments" problem.
  • Single-Use and Latex-Free.

Need to rinse surgical instruments at point-of-use, grab a Canteen! Contact Cygnus Medical to learn more.

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CW150 Canteen™ Pre-Saturated Water-Based Surgical Instrument Wipers. 7" x 8" 750 Wipes Total (5 Wipes per Pack)

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