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First Step Foaming Spray Bottles


  • Neutral pH, non-toxic, and latex-free.
  • Safe for all types of surgical instruments.
  • Mild-Foaming
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Foaming Enzymatic
Instrument Spray

Uses Simple2 Multi-Tiered Enzymatic Detergent to effectively dissolve blood, fat, tissue, protein and most other forms of organic material from surgical instruments. First Step Enzymatic Foaming Spray also helps to prevent corrosion and pitting.

surgical instrument sprayed with First Step

First Step foaming spray creates a longer hang-time on instruments for more effective cleaning.

ED-P2 Single-Use First Step Spray with Simple2 Enzymatic Detergent 2 Ounce 48 Bottles
ED-P32 First Step Foaming Spray with Simple2 Enzymatic Detergent 32 Ounce 12 Bottles

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